Bounty Bots is having a Birthday!!!




  • Bethany [MunkyFun]

    So excited! Who is going to join in the fun?

  • MunkyFun Support

    Thuggs.Bunni will be there!!!

  • T1A1V2O9
    So we just have to play any normal game?
  • MaverickG>
    Sweet! Thanks munkyfun!!
  • MaverickG>
    Oh and happy bday!
  • PLMGremlin

    So when is this little gathering?  Is there a dress code or can we come evening casual?  :)

  • ElFrenetico
    Happy Birthday BB! Our daughter dropped my BB iPad so ElFrenetico will miss out, but I'll play a toast to you with my backup device bot. :)
  • Bethany [MunkyFun]

    Clarification: Badges will be awarded TOMORROW for everyone who plays #BountyBots today

    As far as dresscode: whatever you think fits the occasion, but I recommend something flashy and fabulous! ;)

    And yep, T1A1V2O9, just play a regular ol' game :) Hope to see you out there!

  • PLMGremlin

    Hey BB / MF thanks for much for the very generous gift on YOUR birthday!!!!  Hope you had a bounty-ful day BWWAAAHAHAHAA!!!!  :)  But seriously thanks for the badges!!!  Keep up the great work!!

  • Bethany [MunkyFun]

    Thanks! Hope everyone had a fabulous day and gathered up some plentiful bounties! Stay tuned for more wild n' crazy events!

  • Killinmachine

    happy birthday bounty bots

    i got 100 badges and im really looking forward to buying lots of new things!

    so thanks

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